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One of the most powerful transformational seminar to be held first time in Bangalore. Limited Seats! Register Now.
‘License to live a Peak Performance Life in Health, Wealth & Relationship’

Do you feel you have an immense potential waiting to be unleashed ?
Do you want to learn methods that can liberate you form the limiting past and cruise in Life to experience the best possibility ?
Do you want to create a state where things now seem to be ‘falling in place ?’
Do you feel that the time has come now to experience the best in Life ?

Realizing and Living Life in its highest potential format requires a sound understanding of the working of Life at a conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. The Success Blueprint Seminar designed to achieve the same helps an individual live life consciously and yet at the same time tap into the infinite reservoir of the subconscious and unconscious! When we operate in Life with this awareness we can view our challenges from an empowered platform which helps us break the barriers and experience the best in health, wealth and relationships.

Core Methods and takeaways from the program

  • Breakthrough methods, tools and techniques for Peak Performance

  • Breakthrough experiences in the seminar itself

  • Success Blueprint Life Mastery KIT -Audios and Videos for sustenance and growth. Contains videos of techniques, ways to work on self, hypnosis audios for progressive growth and dissolve subconscious and unconscious barriers

  • Meditation and Breath work

  • Life Mastery System (LMS) approach that helps you break barriers and excel in Life

  • We all know when the student is ready, the master appears! And when the mind is ready for transformation, the Universe will show up options, ways and possibilities! If there is an inner calling for it, grab the opportunity!

Investment – Rs 25,000 (Inclusive of taxes) per person
* (Includes the seminar fees, Life Mastery Kit, personal tele-coaching post the workshop and methods to sustain the learning post the seminar. Participants can also remain connected with the coaches and the lead facilitator post the workshops)
Early bird discount before 31st of November – Rs 15,000 per person
Before 30th December – 18,000 per person

Check for group/team/organizational discounts.
For Registration Contact: +91-98206 83763

Batch would be conducted at Mumbai in January, 2017 and at Bangalore in Feburary, 2017.

Upcoming Success Blueprint Seminars

The Success Blueprint Advance Intensive Seminar takes the participants to the NEXT LEVEL and helps even create a community of empowered people! The Seminar not only helps individual Peak up the areas of Health, Wealth and Relationship but also helps them Influence others to get it done!

he seminar also covers the aspect of influencing others, creating a self motivated environment for the team at home and at work. This also becomes a great reservoir of tools and methods for managers, leaders and people who want to influence the team in their personal Life too!

Mandatory requirement – The experience of the Success Blueprint Seminar
Date – to be announced

The Metaphysics life mastery is for seekers beyond logic! The seminar has a limited batch size and would work on metaphysical and therapeutic tools, techniques and experiences that would help an individual go beyond!

The understanding and experiences which anyways begin at both the previous levels now would start taking a different form helping individuals and groups transcend!

Some of the core takeaways from the seminar –

1. Understanding Life Plan and Karma Management Working with Inner self and patterns from the childhood and beyond

2. Creating and living an ‘aware’ way of Life where challenges of life now makes ‘complete sense’ and hence is perceived as a blessing

3. Creating a Culture of Bliss with growth as we now flow with the flow of the Universe

Mandatory requirement – The experience of the Success Blueprint Seminar and the advance intensive seminar
Date – to be announced

Becoming a Transformational Catalyst & Transcending lives of people

An intense course intended for people who want to take this work and make it way of Life. Life becomes magical when we teach what we have learnt and experienced, and continue learning, experiencing and growing as we teach and remain a student for LIFE!!!!! And of course getting paid for enjoying this journey!

Mandatory requirement – All the 3 levels
Date – to be announced