Rod Bending

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A personal breakthrough activity which generates lasting impressions and brings out learning that even the perceptually impossible is 'Possible'! The activity also serves as a test of implementing their learning and redirects it to their daily lives. This activity proves to be a great realization to discover one’s true potential and helps set massive Goals in Life.


We are all born with the blueprint for success, happiness and good health ... but over time our programming begins to change. The people who influence us also instil traits that undermine our success such as negative emotions, limiting beliefs, conflicting values etc consciously and unconsciously. The single most destructive force preventing people from achieving their goals and dreams is fear! Fire Walking, Walking on a bed of Broken Glass and Steel Bar Bending are all definitely one of the most powerful metaphors for individuals and teams to prove their inner strength to achieve the perceptually 'Impossible' in Life. Most importantly we bring our expertise to relate these learning and experiences to real life situations. These experiences combined with time tested, profound transformational tools bring about an immense paradigm shift in the minds of the participants.