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TND Employee Engagement Nugget Seminars

The Next Dimension Employee Engagement Nugget Seminars is designed to engage employees with great awareness, tools and techniques which can enrich all areas of their lives. These workshops can be facilitated for the employees as a token of appreciation.

Some of the powerful 2 to 3 hours seminars that can be delivered are as follows:-

1. Power of Mind
The session helps participants experience the infinite power of the mind and few powerful demonstration and techniques make the session a worthwhile experience.

2. Breath Mastery & Health
Breath has the power to heal and transform. Through this session participants learn few powerful tips and techniques to use breath to manage stress and facilitate better Health. The option of facilitating a very powerful breathing practice is also available.

3. Yoga/Office Yoga
The body has a tendency to store stress and it shows up in the form of health issues and lack of flexibility. Quick tips and technique when practiced on a regular basis and release such suppressed emotions and helps build positive energy in the long run. The session covers techniques that one can do even at the workplace.

4. Food As Medicine
The session empowers participants with this great knowledge to use our regular food items to heal yourself of diseases and health ailments. The knowledge is widespread and can be covered in 3 to 4 sessions of 2 hours each.

5. Money Mastery This powerful session works with the subconscious mind to re-engineer a new blueprint for money. This definitely brings a huge shift at a subconscious level and helps an individual open himself/herself to the vast potential of abundance.

6. Relationship MasteryHandling relationships effectively is an integral part of our life. This session is boon for people as it brings in great awareness about their personal relationships and when attended with the spouses, brings a huge shift.

7. Planning for Retirement The seminar is designed for people who are about to retire in a year or two. As they begin with their next innings of life the seminar helps them raise their awareness about keeping good health, physical and mental and helps them focus on a bigger purpose.

8. Pain Management – Physical and Emotional Powerful healing Techniques taught in this seminar serves as a shield from any physical and emotional pain. The technique and awareness also helps them throw the emotional garbage on a daily basis rather than suppressing it.

9. Quit Smoking Smoking, even though people know is a health killer, but for most smoker it seems as if it is a part of their Life. The module is done in 4 to 5 sessions and helps smokers move towards habits which give better health.

10. Hypnosis for SuccessHypnosis has been proven to be one of the most powerful and quick tool for personal transformation. The session helps participants use the tool for personal development. Self hypnosis can be taught for behavioural shifts, better focus and concentration.

11. MeditationDifferent forms of meditation can be taught for better quality of sleep and peace of mind.

12. Graphology This scientific tool helps understand behavioural patterns and correcting them for self and others through an outside-in approach can shift behaviours, habits and patterns at a subconscious level.

13. Crystal TherapyCrystals carry powerful vibrations and is quite popular in the healing fraternity. Combined with the science of Chakras and colour therapy the session is quite insightful for participants.

14. Team Engagement High energy, fun based team building games and activities can be driven to build energy and bonding.

15. Body Dynamics and Music Therapy Body work, breath and music is used in this seminar to heal past negative emotions and suppressed emotions and triggers peace of mind and enhances creativity.