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Diabetes/Blood Pressure/Weight Issues/Weight Loss/Cholesterol and Heart issues/Arthritis/Cancer/Allergies/Unexplained Aches and Pains/Genetic Disorders/Low energy/Low Immunity and many more health issues and ailments It is now scientifically proven that most of the Health Challenges are psychosomatic in nature, which means it’s related to stress, thoughts, beliefs and other patterns. Along with medicines/diet/exercise if an individual works with his/her mind at a conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels, the results can be long lasting, disease reversing and even miraculous at times. Using hypnotherapy, regression and other modalities, our therapies work at a much deeper levels much needed to bring about a huge shift and healing. Therapies backed up with awareness and continuous practice advised by our therapists creates a great state of body and mind.