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One of the most powerful transformational workshop for budding Entrepreneurs in Bangalore. Register Now!

The Success Blueprint for Entrepreneurs acts like a catalyst for these initiators to experience true success – mastery in all areas of Life! The program goes beyond the conventional Entrepreneurship courses by helping them work on the subconscious and unconscious while bringing a shift at a conscious level. While the focus is on increasing business, creating quantum growth and shift, expansion and creating a great brand the program also helps build a great Life in totality by helping them becomes masters in their relationships and health also!

Key takeaways and deliverables for the year long program -

12 Power pack high intensity full day programs once a month which would drive and cover –

  • • Working with the subconscious mind to create the right blueprint for wealth, health, relationship and business success
  • • Identify blockages and patterns that come from core beliefs, patterns and genetics & shatter them to build new ones
  • • Creating a well balanced Peak Performance Life – Health, Wealth, Fame and Relationships
  • • Creating a compelling Vison, Mission and a culture of sustained motivation
  • • Creating a sales team that drives business passionately
  • • Influencing – Covert and Overt to create a dynamic culture that runs on an auto pilot mode>
  • • Streamlining other functions for Peak Performance
  • • Mindfulness that gives Peace with Growth – Inner and Outer
  • • Powerful managerial and leadership lessons that work!!!
  • • Learning and sharing from successful entrepreneurs and many more……

Personal Coaching – 6 sessions from the Lead Facilitator (Harrish Sairaman) + 6 sessions from Expert Coaches (Coaching would also involve coaching key people in the organization)

24 tele-coaching sessions from experts/webinars

6 to 10 Coaching sessions for family members – helping the energies of the family also rise and experience the best of health, wealth and relationships.

Audio and Video products every month to sustain the learning and act as a catalyst for the implementation. Some of the products would be –

-Wealth Mastery Course

-Relationship Mastery Course

-Entrepreneurship Success Series – lessons from experts and coaches

-Self Hypnosis Audios to build and sustain

-Hypnotic Scripts to achieve great results in all areas

-Video – methods for emotional mastery, meditations etc

Creating groups and culture - assigning group leaders & project work assigned to make the learning more impactful

“If you think I can be a catalyst for your Quantum Shift, call me for more details and I am committed to give my best to help you achieve your best”

Harrish Sairaman

Successfully driven over 900 workshops touching lives of over 2,00,000 participants. Ability to drive great insightful sessions with humor and high energy. Using great scientific time tested approach in all workshops.

Masters in Sciences Like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Kinesiology, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Subconscious Programming, Hypnotherapy, Conversational Hypnosis for performance improvement

Certified Performance and Life Coach.

Advance Trainer and Facilitator of Breakthrough Activities – Like Fire Walk, Rod Bending, Broken Glass Walk and Tile breaking along with experiential and adventure activities.