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The Next Dimension Negotiation Skills workshop is a customised workshop created after understanding the product/service, industry and specific challenges. Creation of a workshop post deeper understanding of the needs brings in better results and when blended with other skill-sets and behaviours makes our Negotiation Skills workshop a powerful experience.


1. Day format

2. Days format

3. Indoor/Outdoor/Blend

4. Other customised solution

Some powerful Topics covered in the Negotiation Skils Workshops:-

1. Influencing without Authority

2. Breaking Perceptual Barriers

3. Using the knowledge of Value Hierarchy for influencing

4. Covert Rapport Building

5. Art of questioning to generate results

6. Powerful negotiation tools and techniques

7. Role plays and practice

8. Subconscious programming to script new behaviors

9. Long Term learning reinforcement

And many more............

Customizing the workshop with the needs and challenges of the client and blending it with powerful scientific and psychological tools makes our Negotiation Skills workshop a worthwhile Investment for our clients.