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The Next Dimension Goal Setting workshops are customised with a deeper understanding of the Goals to be achieved, the challenges and the seniority levels of the participants. The blend of breakthrough experiences, humour and insights makes our Goal Setting workshops very powerful and successful.


1. Day format

2. Days format

3. Indoor/Outdoor/Blend

4. Other customised solution

Some powerful Topics covered in the Goal Setting Workshops:-

1. Belief Building

2. Team Goals and Individual Goals achievement

3. The power of Willingness

4. Triggering a burning desire

5. Breakthrough Experiences Like the Fire Walk and Rod Bending to believe in ‘Huge Goals’

6. Initiatives and Implementation

7. Breakthrough Activities

8. Team Goals Activities – Outdoor, Indoor and Adventure

9. Long Term learning reinforcement

And many more............

The integration of some these powerful concepts makes our Goal Setting Workshops a great investment for every organization.