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The Next Dimension Emotional Intelligence Workshop is a Life Mastery workshop. The quality of our Life depends on the quality of our emotional management. Emotions can destroy or create, hurt or heal, suppress or express and this Emotional Intelligence workshop through its powerful methodology is known to Empower an individual.


1. Day format

2. Days format

3. Indoor/Outdoor/Blend

4. Other customised solution

Some powerful Topics covered in the Emotional Intelligence Workshop are:-

1. The Game of Emotions

2. Self Introspection and reverse psychology exercise

3. Dynamics of the Human Mind

4. Thoughts – Emotions – Body link

5. Working with the brain’s limbic/emotional part

6. Transcending a negative emotion to a positive one

7. Emotional Empowerment Technique

8. Habit Management and Pattern breaking techniques

9. Other tools and techniques

And many more............

Emotional Intelligence Workshop can create a ‘breakthrough’ in an individual’s Life.