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The Next Dimension Creativity and Innovation workshops are linked to the business and learning outcomes rather than just a knowledge transfer. The deeper understanding of the business and learning need and the customised design backed up with scientific and esoteric tools and techniques makes our Creativity and Innovation workshops a very powerful experience


1. Day format

2. Days format

3. Indoor/Outdoor/Blend

4. Other customised solution

Some powerful Topics covered in the Creativity and Innovation Workshops:-

1. The Whole Brain Approach for Creativity and Innovation

2. Breaking Barriers

3. The power of Willingness

4. Tapping into ‘Infinite Possibilities’

5. Understanding the role of Subconscious mind to trigger creative juices

6. Creativity and Innovation activities and games

7. Lateral Thinking

8. 6 Hats + the OWNERSHIP HAT

9. Complete Tool box for creativity and Innovation

10. Creative Problem solving

And many more............

A customised approach and an option of a long term reinforcement plan creates a powerful ‘Creative’ culture and makes our Creativity and Innovation workshops a worthwhile experience for teams and organization.