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The Next Dimension Conflict Management workshop is an experiential workshop that is delivered in a generic way addressing the calendar needs and also i a customised way bridging the gap. The customised Conflict Management workshops focus on damage control, preventive measures and eventually bringing a paradigm shift where the conflicts are handled with awareness and is used to trigger better thinking and productivity.


1. Day format

2. Days format

3. Indoor/Outdoor/Blend

4. Other customised solution

Some powerful Topics covered in the Conflict Management Workshops are:-

1. Understanding Human Behaviors

2. The human mind and perceptions

3. Value Hierarchy

4. Power of Intentions and Purpose

5. Language that Kills and Language that heals and transforms

6. Negotiation tactics

7. Art of influencing through questions

8. Different strategies


And many more............

The Conflict Management Workshop is driven in a powerful way blended with Emotional Mastery as the game, is the game of emotions.