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The Next Dimension Communication Skills Workshops has a wide spectrum of offering from a basic communication skills, to influential communication, to public speaking, presentation skills and conversational hypnosis. Customization is the key and the blend of different tools makes the Communication Skills workshops a fun based learning experience.


1. 1 to 3 Days format

2. Can be clubbed with other topics like Negotiation Skills and Presentation skills

3. Other customised formats.

Some powerful Topics covered in the Communication Skills workshops:-

1. Influential Communication

2. The Art of Delegation

3. Conducting Effective Meetings

4. Art of Giving and Receiving Feedbacks

5. Conversational Hypnosis

6. Presentation Skills

7. Confident Speaking

And many more............

Our Communication skills workshop can be blended with other workshops like conflict management and negotiation skills also to match up with the desired outcome.