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TTT – for Breakthrough activities is a unique opportunity for trainers and facilitators to use powerful breakthrough activities like The Fire Walk, Rod Bending and Glass Walk as a part of their offerings to corporate teams, groups and individuals.

These activities bring in powerful experiences and add up to the existing repertoire of offerings for a facilitator/trainer/coach. When blended with powerful concepts or motivational sessions these activities bring in an epitome of high energy with insights and helps participants break their mental blocks helping them discover their true self.

Benefits of driving breakthrough activities (For Trainers)

Brings in heightened emotions serving as a platform ‘Where the possibility of Transformation is Possible’.
Drive the learning and business needs effectively
Leaves a long lasting Impact
Becomes a memory worth recalling and discussing multiple times
Definitely boosts the profile of a trainer as a certified facilitator of Breakthrough Activities
Helps boost the facilitation fees by quantum levels

Become an expert in facilitating Fire Walk, Broken Glass Walk and Rod Bending


Formats and variations in conducting Fire Walks
How to facilitate the Fire Walk as a transformational experience rather than a stunt!
Commercials that can be charged for facilitating a Fire Walk Seminar
Market rates, variation and methods to propose the Fire Walk
Safety measures and ways to expand the business using these tools
Common mistakes done by amateur Fire Walk trainers and best practices of experts
DMethods and ways to blend it with your existing workshops and seminars.
Topics that can be powerfully driven with the Fire Walk


Learning and powerful messages that can be driven with the Broken Glass Walk
Variations, techniques, safety measures
How to make the broken glass walk as a powerful experience
Facilitating Glass Walk levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advance
Selling the Glass walk as an isolation experience or as a part of a seminar and commercials that can be charged


Conducting the Rod Bending as a very high impact activity indoors in any conference or training set up
Driving it as a part of Goal Setting, motivation and team building activities
Pricing the activity at its best level
Conducting different levels of Rod Bending
“If there is an inner calling of facilitating these powerful activities, if you are ready to boost your own earnings and if you are ready to break your own barriers and experience your ‘Best Possibility’”, get in touch with us for more details and we are ready to empower you with what we know!!!!

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