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Company overview

The Next Dimension was established with the INTENT of empowering people with tools for achieving profound transformative change at the individual, organizational and societal levels.

Our services cater to a comprehensive range of learning solutions along with high impact personal breakthrough sessions like FIREWALKING, GLASSWALKING, IRON BAR BENDING etc including unique customized transformational workshops like Achieving Peak Performance, Passionate Selling, The Radical Peak Performance, Unleashing Creativity, Creating High Performing Teams, Relationship Mastery and many more.

Why The Next Dimension

All the workshops driven and facilitated by the Next Dimension are ‘Result oriented Workshops’ and goes beyond a temporary feel good factor to generate insights and quantum shifts in Performance and Life. The workshops are blended with proven scientific tools, high energy, humour and is driven with a great Intent and Passion which makes it a worthwhile experience for all. The workshops with its unique blend of tools, techniques and style transforms every training from a cost to an ‘investment’.

The Process we follow to drive our workshops

Added Advantage

High energy – Maintains the state conducive for Transformation

Humour – Helps bypassing the critical filter and works with the Subconscious Mind

Insights – Known to bring about instant and even quantum shifts

Breakthrough Activities – Brings in a Quantum Shift in the minds of participants

Ownership – To drive total empowerment

Action Oriented – So that participants know exactly what to do post the workshop/seminar

Core Team

Harrish Sairaman

Successfully driven over 900 workshops touching lives of over 2,00,000 participants. Ability to drive great insightful sessions with humor and high energy. Using great scientific time tested approach in all workshops.

Masters in Sciences Like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Kinesiology, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Subconscious Programming, Hypnotherapy, Conversational Hypnosis for performance improvement

Certified Performance and Life Coach.

Advance Trainer and Facilitator of Breakthrough Activities – Like Fire Walk, Rod Bending, Broken Glass Walk and Tile breaking along with experiential and adventure activities.

Lekkha Harrish

Founder of The Next Dimension, Lekkha Harrish is a Dale Carnegie certified trainer, has years of experience in the industry. Lekkha is a certified Fire Walk Instructor and has facilitated Fire Walk, Broken Glass Walk and Rod Bending Seminars. Lekkha also offers workshops in the areas of communication, motivation, team building and Peak Performance.

An arts graduate, Lekkha is also certified by the California Hypnosis Institute of India. She has over the years honed skills integral to the corporate world and has been instrumental in changing training methodologies to bring about maximum learning. She has been conducting workshops in the corporate world at various levels.