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Hypnotherapy and Transformational Therapeutic Coaching

Have you ever wondered, what would it take to experience Peak Performance?
Why do people have desires but are unable to implement them successfully?
Why do people go through issues which do not have any logical explanation?
Why does an advice fail even though the intention is positive?
Do you want to empower your Life?
Do you want to empower others with scientific, therapeutic and spiritual modalities?

Hypnotherapy and Transformational Therapeutic Coaching gives you the answers to all!!! The unique blend of proven scientific and spiritual tools makes this a very powerful experience. Hypnotherapy is the science of working directly with the subconscious and unconscious helping an individual tap into the infinite potentials of the universe. No wonder, we utilize only a small percentage of the brain and a small percentage of the vast potentials and opportunities available in the universe. The complete certification ‘Empowers’ participants with all the resources required to raise awareness, face challenges with tools and techniques and walk on the path of ‘highest possibilities’ for self and others. In short the complete course makes you a master of Life and gives you the access to create ‘Breakthroughs’ inn others lives. The knowledge and awareness can we used as a full time professional, part time therapeutic coaching or just as a hobby and intent to help others and liberate them of their issues and self sabotaging patterns helping them live a life of gratitude and happiness.

Level 1

Course Curriculum
Basics of Hypnotherapy.
Understanding Transformational Life Coaching
Basic Hypnotic Inductions
Discover aspects of human mind and different trance levels
Quick Hypnotic Inductions
Reverse Count Induction
Placement of suggestions and bringing a shift
Scope and Practice as a Transformational Coach
Self Hypnosis
Hypnotic Scripts for practice
Mass Guided Hypnosis experience
Marketing your Services

Level 2

Course Curriculum
Recap of Level 1.
Understanding Integration and Patterns
Introduction to Age Regression
Emotional Empowerment Technique
Working With Fears and Phobias
Scope and practice with Emotional Empowerment Technique
Techniques and variations in working with different emotions
Pain Management
Forgiveness Meditation
Integrating Regression with Emotional Empowerment Technique

Level 3

Course Curriculum
Introduction to Past Life Regression – Background and scope.
Understanding Chronic Patterns
Hypnotic Deepeners
Using the Body to regress
Root Cause, Karmic Learning and Releasing Oaths and Curses
Integrating All tools and Techniques

Level 4

Course Curriculum
Introduction to external energies
Working with external energies
Creating Life Scripts and working with thermostats and core patterns
Body dynamics

Level 5

Course Curriculum
Integrating Level 1 to 5
Case taking, procedures and documentation
Goal Setting and Implementation
Breaking financial barriers
Cleansing and Energizing Spaces
Working with Children
Allergy Management
Full therapy practice, practice and more practice
Products and Marketing
Organizing Events and creating awareness