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The Next Dimension was established with the INTENT of empowering people with tools for achieving profound transformative change at the individual, organizational and societal levels.

Our services cater to a comprehensive range of learning solutions along with high impact personal breakthrough sessions like FIREWALKING, GLASSWALKING, IRON BAR BENDING etc including unique customized transformational workshops like Achieving Peak Performance, Passionate Selling, The Radical Peak Performance, Unleashing Creativity, Creating High Performing Teams, Relationship Mastery and many more.

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Helping thousands unlock their true potential

Through our signature workshops & seminars, over last 15 years we have helped thousands of people transform their life.

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'The time and energy that individuals and teams give to me is never going to come back into their lives again! Hence, my focus, intent and energies are towards giving them a worthwhile transformational experience, high end learning and help them break barriers and experience Peak Performance in the areas they desire and deserve'


Our Signature Programs

Success is not just about Achieving Peak Performance but discovering new Peaks in all areas of Life with the right values, beliefs and actions. Through our unique and powerful interventions we act as a catalyst helping Individuals, Teams and Organizations create mega possibilities and live the highest potential format.

The power of Willingness, Creating a Powerful Environment, Intrinsic Motivation, Driving Ownership, Change vs. Transformation, The power of Perceptions and Beliefs, Breaking Belief Barriers, Perceptual difficulty vs. Reality, Kinesiology Breakthrough Activity, Relationship Mastery, Brainstorming for section action steps and Imprinting technique. Option of driving Broken Glass Walk, Fire Walk, Rod Bending and other Team Building Activities

Influential Skills, Power of Questioning, The magic of Focus, Advance Goal Setting, NLP – Influencing and Rapport Building, Value Hierarchy and influencing the human needs to build inspiration, Subconscious Programming etc Option of driving Broken Glass Walk, Fire Walk, Rod Bending and other Team Building Activities.

Psychology of Selling, Building the Right Attitude, Changing Beliefs to achieve goals, Creating Quantum Goals, Goal Setting Exercise, Ownership, Selling Strategies, Covert and Overt Influencing Skills, Negotiation Skills and Closing Strategies.

Realizing and Living Life in its highest potential format requires a sound understanding of the working of Life at a conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. Read more..

The Success Blueprint for Entrepreneurs acts like a catalyst for these initiators to experience true success – mastery in all areas of Life! Read more..


Client's Testimonial

“Harrish is our go-to person. If it’s not his area of expertise, he will state so. And if it is, he always unfailingly delivers programmes which ensure participants walk away with a spring in their step, feeling empowered with the new knowledge and confident in their ability to apply it. Harrish’s ability to make difficult concepts simple and relatable, deliver with panache and ensure he handholds participants through a workshop … is what makes his workshops unique and valuable for each Star employee.”

- Kankana Das(Head L&D, Star India)

Harrish, what is striking is that your session focuses both on individual and organization development and testimonies from the participants many months after the workshop prove the effectiveness of the session in individual development.

Tech Mahindra Client's Testimonial

- Riyaz Mulla (Location Head, Education Services Group, Tech Mahindra)

  • "Harrish, your session was really a Fantastic and Genuine effort to make people realize their inner potential and come out of their apprehensions. The session has benefited us to realize the importance of team dynamics and handle change effectively."

    LAFRAGE Client's Testimonial

    - Ravindra Dharkar G(Head Learning & Development, Lafarge)

  • It was a Fantastic session delivered for Al Batha. Harrish is an excellent trainer and people are still going gaga about it. The session was different and a fresh perspective on how we look at things. I am sure more sessions like these will create a shift in our organization.

    AL BATHA GROUP Testimonial

    Sabiha KaziGroup Learning and Development Manager, AlBatha Group

  • One of the most Awesome program I have ever been through. It was Fantastic in terms of Energizing and Motivating and makes you believe that ‘You can WIN’

    SYNTEL Testimonial

    - V.S.RajSr. VP & Head BnFS, SYNTEL

  • “Dear Harrish, Thanks for conducting a wonderful workshop. The energy level was great and the whole team was raving about this session. I think your workshop has contributed to making this offsite an unforgettable one for all of us. We look forward to working with you on future interventions as well. Thanks a lot”

    D E SHAW & CO Testimonial

    -Sriram SRHead - Human capital, D.E.Shaw India Software Pvt Ltd

  • “Harrish’s session was one of the best sessions that I have attended in the area of setting goals, managing performance and relationships with team members.”

    Lakshay KatariaHead – Operations & Commercial, Ad Sales, Star India

  • “Just finished a really interesting session with Harrish Sairaman on performance management. It re-inforced the things that you instinctively do while dealing with people and provided some additional insights. Putting the whole thing into a structure as he did, definitely helps in ensuring a minimum quality of appraisals. The session was quite useful.”

    Sanjog GuptaHead – Cricket Vertical, Star Sports, Star India

  • Harrish has been instrumental in bringing about a new dimension to an outbound programme with the element of creativity and personal transformation which has led many an employee to make a huge shift in his/her self confidence/ self esteem and thereby achieve peak performance.

    SIEMENS Testimonial

    Anuji George-AdvaniHead-Learning Governance, Siemens Ltd

  • I have organized and attended motivational programs before but the kind of response this one created is simply awesome. Harrish, everyone is impressed with your genuineness, approachability & one to one connectivity. I attended this the second time but never got bored or felt that its repetitive or old wine in new bottle. That is something very difficult to achieve for a motivational trainer

    IDBI Trusteeship Service Ltd. Testimonial

    Shilpa DesaiSpecialist HR, IDBI Trusteeship Services Ltd.

  • It was the best training I have ever attended. I found answers for lots of things that have or are happening in my Life, their root causes and how I could bring about changes in my Life. I found Harrish to be a selfless human being, genuinely wanting to make a change in others and a person who is Gifted!

    Patni - Testimonial

    Sonia GeorgeSenior Software Specialist, Patni Computers

  • We wanted to do a program for our senior management team which could help them realize their potentials and open up their minds to achieving the impossible. Harrish has been able to bring that to the table. He has an innovative approach to trainings and incredible subject knowledge. ‘Peak Performance Programming’ was a wonderful experience”

    Geometric - Testimonial

    Ravishankar GEx-Managing Director & CEO, Geometric Ltd

  • It was one of the greatest programs I have ever attended. Harrish’s workshop made the challenge of achieving our Goal ‘easy’ and even if we do 20% of what we learnt, our journey is going to be ‘Easy’.

    Armstrong - Testimonial


  • The session was an absolute delight. I think some of the insights shared would go a long way in my career not only during appraisals, but in the art of managing and influencing people around me 365 days a year.

    - Nandini SinghDy Business Head, English Movies

  • Fantastic& really useful session, Harrish was hilarious, I really enjoyed session & gained lots of practical insight. The practical tips Harish gave us is something we can start immediately in fact me & my hubby has started doing things as directed by Harish. Harish is with huge enthusiasm, he made us understand the topic with brilliant practical examples. His interactive approach was enjoyable & i learn a lot from him. Session was delivered with well-presented material. “It always seems impossible until it’s done”…. Thanks a lot for such wonderful session,we r egar to part of such future more sessions

    VIBRANT HR - Testimonial

    - Shital Salunke Vibrant HR group Pune

  • Harrish’s delivery method was great and he was touching each and everyone in the room. Harrish’s training has changed my mindset and attitude towards Life The environment and the energy level of Harrish was electrifying and he had a quite sound knowledge on the subject. Exquisite learning activities were performed by Harrish which helped us to understand the subject practically. One of the best trainers with excellent training and teaching skills Harrish’s extraordinary ability to analyse problems and outline necessary course of action was highly valuable

    SIEMENS - Testimonial

    -Siemens LtdSiemens Ltd

  • “Dear Harrish 80% participants give Cogniizant Transformation’s programs an overall score of 4.8 out of 5. that’s something very few actually manage at TTML. Congratulations in order!”


    - Sameer ShahSenior Manager –HR, Training, Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Limited